Protecting your workers and families from pathogens and infectious diseases including COVID-19

Our production experience makes us front runners for collaborating, developing, implementing new procedures, and/or working closely with production to ensure safety requirements are clearly explained and properly executed on set. We understand that staying on budget, while staying on schedule can be a challenge, especially with the added duty of protecting the health and safety of our crews, talent, and families from pathogens and infectious diseases including COVID-19 exposure. We approach this responsibility with reverence and respect, knowing one careless move can put us all at risk.

Our services closely follow the guidance and recommendations published by the CDC, OSHA, DGA, SAG•AFTRA, TASK FORCE, AICP, IATSE, Local 80, and more.

We love to be of service and look forward to producing the perfect Safety Compliance Package for your next project!

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Proper training is vital for success when maintaining compliance on set. Our teams are experienced industry professionals, outfitted and trained in essential safety equipment, and highly educated and certified in safe set practices. Because of our strong production background, we communicate and work well with studio executives, producers, production managers, production coordinators, location scouts, AD's, and staff. We look forward to giving you, your clients, staff, crew and talent peace of mind (and also a mask or two).

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Project Specific Teams

Protect your job with a custom team including:

On Set Union Medics • Union Life Guards • Union Safety Divers • Dive Masters • Marine Coordinators • Trained in Hyperbaric Medicine • Multiple course completion certifications: COVID-19 Compliance Officers (C19CO) • Health & Safety Supervisors • Safety Monitors • Screeners • COVID-19 Compliance Officers (CCO) • COVID-19 Compliance Directors • On-Call Nurses & Doctors

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On Site Displays & Systems

Maintain the "bubble" with the C-Stop system:

Implement and maintain set protocols • Morning crew check-in stations (including paperwork and reports) • open & discrete lines of communication with production, clients & studio executives • daily action plans designed for each unique production • PODs • Zones • Laminated signage • privacy folders • marking equipment • color coded wrist bands and more.

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Production Support

Start strong with our systems, stay strong with our support:

OSHA Accident Investigation Reports • County of Los Angeles Public Health Protocol checklist • General Safety Guidelines for all crew & talent (including extras) • Safe Way Forward protocols • Model Injury and Illness Prevention Program for Employers with Seasonal or Intermittent Workers (including IIPP contact lists & logs)

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Sanitizing & Disinfecting

We offer a wide range of sanitation packages including:

Small and large cleaning & disinfecting teams • Eco friendly cleaning partnerships for excessively vast locations • Electrostatic Foggers (backpack) perfect for large areas and spaces • Victory Electrostatic foggers (handheld) perfect for vans, trucks, vehicles, small areas & surfaces, air scrubbers, UV towers, EPA cleaning products and more.

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All PPE products as needed

We provide all PPE products as needed for crew, client and talent. Including but not limited to:

KN95 face masks • face shields • goggles • 3 ply face masks • nitrile gloves • gowns • hand sanitizer • disinfectant wipes • coveralls and more.

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On-site RT-PCR CLIA-Certified Lab Tests & Rapid Antigen Tests:

Our RT-PCR tests are processed at a privately-owned, high complexity, HIPAA compliant, CLIA-certified laboratory. All results are returned per LA County and CDC guidelines. Both our Rapid PCR and Antigen tests have been validated and granted their Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.


We understand each project’s needs can vastly differ. Reach out to us for custom and innovative health & safety strategies. Staying ahead of pathogens, including COVID-19, begins with the right action plan. We can help.

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